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US State Flags - Technical FAQ

Professional Quality Postscript US State Flags

Q: What's the best application to work with the EPS Flags? :

A: The preferred application for handling EPS files is Adobe Illustrator - this gives you complete vector control over sizing, coloring and manipulating the flags.   Macromedia FreeHand and Corel Draw work equally well.   The EPS Flags can be placed in Quark Xpress and Adobe Indesign.   There are many other applications that will open or import EPS vector graphics.

Q: What is the dpi resolution of the Flags? :

A: The Flags are not bitmap graphics, therefore there is no DPI as such. They are supplied in the EPS (encapsulated postscript) vector format and can be opened in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand or Corel Draw. EPS is the industry standard for drawing, layout and artwork... anything that is not photographic or bitmapped.

EPS means that the file format is a mathematical string of commands indicating direction, color and width, etc. You are able to drag and resize the EPS format graphics out to any size, be it for postcard through to 100 ft advertisement billboards, and maintain the graphic quality of the object.

Once opened in Adobe Illustrator, the image can be exported to any bitmap format, and you can designate the dpi you need in the specifications dialog box... please see next question below for more details. Download one of the sample flags and try it out!

Q: Can I use the flags in a bitmap application such as Photoshop? :

A: The EPS files can be imported into Adobe Photoshop - you will have to specify the quality and resolution since Photoshop is rasterizing the vector graphic.   Normally vector EPS are completely resizable however once you you convert the vector graphic to a bitmap graphic it will become one specific pixel size.   A WMF (Windows Meta File) format is available for those who which to use the flags with more basic applications - this format is supplied on the full collection CD-ROM and on the downloaded collections.

Q: Can I use the flags an application such as Word? :

A: If you are using Word for Windows or a similar application, you can use the EPS flags. In your Word document, just go to Insert > Picture > From File > navigate to the flag location, directory and then select a EPS flag file to insert. Once inserted, click on the flag and you should see 8 handles that will allow you to adjust the size of the flag. Use the handles on the 4 corners of the flag to resize and maintain the original proportionality of the flag.

Q: What is the US State Flags upgrade path? :

A: The updates are handled directly from our registration database.   Updates for the full collection are usually between $29 and $49, depending on the size of the update.   Providing a registration card has been sent in, clients are notified by mail as to the availability of the update.   Updates for flags are usually released in late spring.   If you have purchased 45 days prior to an update being issued, the update is free of charge - shipping is $5 within the USA.

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